Monday, December 9, 2013

31 Degrees Below Freezing

Now that the snow has stopped, I long to ride my bike to work again. Of course my timing could not be worse since it is clearly too cold outside. Not only that but the roads are icy and poorly plowed in places less traveled. Add to that, bike lanes that are pretty much non-existent or more like they've become temporary parking places for displaced piles of snow.
If I were to ride by bike, the first descent out of the gate would be down this .60 mile, 7% grade stretch of road. It is fun (and hairy) on a road bike in dry conditions but certainly not smart to fly down when it's icy.

My husband drove me to work instead. The temperature gauge in our car read, 1°F -- which was 31 degrees below freezing!
Besides, my bike locker appears to be blocked by hardened snow and I would need to do some shoveling to clear it. I guess whoever plowed this area assumed no one would be crazy enough to ride in this weather anyway.
Still I couldn't resist dressing up like a cute commuter!
 After this, I put on tights, my long wool coat, and boots! There is an positive side to this cold weather.

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