Thursday, December 12, 2013

Night Riding

I just simply needed to ride my bike somewhere...anywhere. So I rode in the freezing morning 2.2 miles to my coworker's house. Most of the route was downhill. At one point, I had reached speeds of 36.8 mi/hr on my commuter! Although it was a short 10 minute cruise, my gloves were no match for the 10°F degree temps--especially with the windchill factor. By the time I reached my co-worker's house, my thumbs were ready to freeze off. Painful but still it was fun to be out there!

What I wore was simple. A 32 Degrees Heat by Weatherproof® base layer (it might still be at your local Costco for $8.99 -- which is a great deal!). Check out this link to the features as posted on Macy's website. I absolutely LOVE them because even though they are thin they retain my body heat, wick away moisture to keep my skin dry, and feel comfortably soft like a second skin. Compared to my Pearl Izumi, Craft, and Nike base layers (as well as others I have seen out there) this one wins for value.

On top of my base layer is my sweater, scarf, and these great off-white stretch riding pants which fit nicely into my boots. Of course I wore a wool jacket which is hanging on the wall behind me.

Never once was I cold - except for my thumbs.
I braid my hair into pig tails for hassle-free and helmet-free hair. When I look outside my office window, it doesn't seem cold out there with the amber clouds but it is still freezing out there!
When evening came, I rode back home. In the dark which is not what I am used to. My husband met me outside to greet me as I pedaled down the snow and ice covered street to our house.

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