Friday, March 14, 2014

Not So Much My Favorite Muffin

I rode my bike downtown today for a lunch meeting at My Favorite Muffin on California Street. This location has a nice dining patio to the side with ample seating and is located conveniently for surrounding neighborhoods and other local businesses. It is easy to walk or bike to since California Street is walkable, has bike lanes in both directions, one motor lane in each direction with turning lanes in the middle and on-street parking, free-parking. My Favorite Muffin also has designated motor parking on the side street. By the way, I picked this location for my meeting place because the bike lanes lead me safely to the front door.
No bike racks at My Favorite Muffin

Since there were no bike racks to be seen, I chained my bike to the fence. It is a drill I am all too familiar with--after all, I have biked here more often to grab a bite to eat than I have driven here because I like My Favorite Muffin. Other patrons who rode bikes there (including the other person I was meeting with) locked up wherever they could find a pole or something that was nailed down to chain their rides to (I should have taken a photo of the other bikes in need of a secure place to park). You would think locking bikes up this way would be a potential safety hazard pedestrians or pets on leashes. In Reno, it’s illegal to use trees, sign or light posts to secure your bike (source). I walked inside with my helmet and ordered a sandwich. I even tipped at the counter.

From my photo it looks like there could be room for a bike rack where my bike is or one of the parking spaces in front could be turned into an on-street bike parking corral. If I drove my car there, I certainly wouldn't mind walking a few feet from the side street parking to the building.
At the very least, there is definitely room for a sidewalk bike rack like they have in Portland or San Francisco. There are many options for bicycle parking.
I like supporting local businesses but I have decided that this location is not so much My Favorite Muffin. And until there is a bike rack, I will stop going there to meeting anyone there for breakfast or lunch. To be fair, I will write the owners to give them an opportunity to make improvements. I realize that bicycle racks are not guaranteed security but I can worry less about whether I will have transportation back to the office and back home at the end of the day.

Can you think of businesses you have ridden your bike to that does not have a bike rack? Would you go as far as not visiting the establishment because they do not have a bike rack?

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