Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bike Ride to Breakfast at Squeeze Inn

My husband, John, and I have dined at every Squeeze Inn restaurant location except for the one on Sparks Boulevard until today. Our home is just 2.5 miles away, yet this was our first visit in the year we have lived here in Sparks. Rather than drive, we took advantage of the quiet Sunday morning and relatively warm weather to ride our bikes to the restaurant. Along the way, we dropped off a movie we rented the night before at a Redbox kiosk.

On most weekend mornings, John has a long road bike training ride for miles and miles that lasts for hours. I usually have somewhere to be and things to do on my touring bike so we always try to make sure we ride together when we can. Bicycling gives us more time and a chance to talk about anything and everything on our minds along the way. I think it is important in every relationship to have things in common. For us one of the things is bicycling, although we both enjoy it in different ways. Sport and racing for him, transportation cycling for me. Yet we are still able to spend quality time doing the things we enjoy together.

When John and I arrived at our destination, there was not a bike rack to be found so we did what we had to do and secured our bikes to the bench. There were a few people waiting to be seated so John put our names on the wait list and grabbed us both cups of coffee. We don't mind waiting. All the more time for us to spend together.

Bicycling has also taught us a lot of patience. Although each of us have learned to apply it differently. For John, it is in terms of training and perseverance for those few but important races throughout the racing season. For me, it has taught me to enjoy my bicycle commutes between the office and home. Sometimes it feels like I am on the road for a long time, but my commute actually does not take much longer than driving. The only difference is, there is the absence of stress from driving defensively in traffic and I get more cardio activity time for me. The 30 minutes I used to spend driving to work and 30 minutes driving home became time to reflect on the day and think about my plans while pedaling my bike, moving my body and getting a cardio workout.
For breakfast John ordered french toast with sausage and I had banana walnut pancakes with eggs. We toasted to the day with mimosas. Why not?!? Every day is a day worthy of celebrating!! John and I really enjoyed our time at Squeeze Inn. The food was great and the staff were all so friendly. We spoke to the manager and expressed our desire for a bike rack and he agreed. It was a matter of logistics and we hope there will be racks the next time we visit because we definitely plan to return to the restaurant. Then we rode towards home along a different road.
On our way, we stopped at the bottom of our street where there was an overlook and view of Reno. At the top there was a bench on which we sat to soak in the city. The weather was getting more and more gorgeous as we sat there. I think we could have sat there all day but our day was just beginning and we had plenty more to do!
The container on the rack of the green bike held my leftover breakfast.
The last hill to our home is always the hardest for me and I sometimes dread ascending after a long day of work. But this morning I did not want the road to end because I did not want our ride to end. I may talk like we never do this but we do ride our bikes together often LOL. It just never seems to be enough time.
When I am on the bike, I never want to get off.
I feel like I can ride forever if I did not have house chores, a yard to tend to, and cats who need me too.
There is always another weekend and I am looking forward to it!!

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