Saturday, May 24, 2014

Death Valley Road Stage 1 Race Photos

As my husband and I drove into the small town of Bishop, CA just before 10 p.m. not a single soul moved on the streets of the old cowboy town. All that remained on the sidewalks were picnic chairs; most were set up one next to the other for blocks and blocks as a placeholder for the Mule Days Parade that would take place the next morning.

However, we were not in town for the fun-filled world class annual event. John raced the Death Valley Stage Race today (Stage 1) and he placed 3rd in his category and 8th out of all who competed today. It was a brutal course. 44 miles and 8200 feet of climbing. And it was also quite warm. Fortunately the view was beautiful and afterwards we went to eat at Raymond's Deli before checking in to our next hotel. While John took a nap, I took my road bike for an exploration trip around the neighborhood of Independence, CA.

Tomorrow is Stage 2 where the racers will ride 13 miles with 5200 feet of climbing to the summit! I am SO GLAD that I am not racing. Yep, bicycle commuting is WAY MUCH easier than this!!

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