Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ride Coozy - An Affordable, Reliable, and Fun Electric Commuting Bicycle

I understand some of the challenges to bicycle commuting as I have faced these myself:
  • I'm out of shape 
  • It takes too long
  • There's too many hills
  • It's too far 
  • I don't want to arrive at the office sweaty/no showers 
  • I have to run errands commuting by bicycle
Many of those challenges can be addressed with an electric bicycle. So as you get in to shape, have more time during your morning commute, or feel great one morning and want to use your own power to pedal you can do it! An electric bicycle may help you get to that point. At the end of my day when I have a one-mile hill that's 9% grade to pedal up before home, I sure wish I had the assistance of an electric bicycle!

Check out my friend's project, the Ride Scoozy on Kickstarter!


The American League of Bicyclist also has some GREAT TIPS for overcoming the challenges of bicycle commuting.
Click this link for larger image.

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