Friday, May 2, 2014

Wheels of Willpower

Wheels of Willpower are stories by individuals who have overcome challenges in their life through cycling. I gave up drinking alcohol for over two years when I committed myself to cycling. My husband dropped 70+ pounds from his body and is living a healthier life because of cycling. But our stories seems pale by comparison to the millions of stories out there. Like Pat Cashell, who is 7 years sober from his severe addiction to meth. And guess how he did it? CYCLING. Check out this video and keep some tissues nearby to dry your eyes!

I have personally met Pat on several occasions during cycling races and he is also on my husband's cycling team for Audi Reno-Tahoe.

I remember another story I did not get to mention. When I fell off my bicycle heading to an appointment in Reno a man who helped pick me up was headed to an Alcohol Anonymous meeting. I cannot recall exactly the number of years he had been sober but I remember being impressed by it. It was something like 11 or 12 years.

So whenever there is a heated conversation about cycling. You know, the ones where threats words are thrown around like cyclists don't belong on the road or squash you like a bug I will remember these positive stories. In so many ways cycling is more than just a sport--IT SAVES LIVES!! Not to mention the ripple effect the impact can have on these people's families and the community. And is certainly a different high that alcohol abuse, meth addiction or overeating could make you feel.

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