Monday, June 16, 2014

Positively a GREAT Weekend!

I am so glad my husband and I were able to attend Positively 4th Street this weekend!

We rode our bikes on Saturday morning from Sparks to 4th Street where the event was held. It was nice to see green lanes, shrubs and trees line the street as part of the Better Block project.
Our first order was to have brunch in the Cuddleworks pop-up restaurant with renowned Chef, Mark Estee.
John ordered the Black pepper Biscuits with Tasso Ham and Hadji Paul Eggs and I had the The Cure: Potatoes, Bacon, Tomatoes, Confit Chicken, Holcomb Ranch Duck Egg and Spicy Ass (to who??) Hollandaise. Both were absolutely delicious good quality food!
Brunch at Cuddleworks pop-up restaurant with Mark Estee.
After brunch we checked out the activities behind the Reno Bike Project. There was a bike swap where folks can sell or buy bikes, activities for the kids, a dunk tank, petting zoo and lots of fun for all ages!

At one of the tents selling cycling goods, John found a Kinetic bicycle trainer for $30 and so we hauled it away on his bike, LOL.
Then we headed back to enjoy Positively 4th Street for the rest of the afternoon. The beer guzzling goats were a riot! I don't blame them for eating the paper bowls that held the brew since it was crafted by Reno's very own Under the Rose Brewing Company a couple of doors down from the Reno Bike Project on 4th Street.

I wonder what flavor the goats tasted? I have tried the Blonde Beer (an American Kolsch-style ale) at another event a few weeks back and the Saison Beer (a French-style Farmhouse ale). So far the latter is my favorite.

We finished off our afternoon on a sweet note with handmade ice cream from a new local creamery, IceCycle. Yum-yum!

What a fun day!!  But it wasn't complete until we rode down the green lane on our bicycles.

A taste of riding a green bicycle lane on 4th Street.
Thanks to all, their time and hard work, who made this event possible for the community to enjoy. For one day, we got a glimpse of what 4th Street could look like if it was a complete street. It could possibly become the hub for bicycling!!

Photos from Cuter Commuter's Picasa Web Album: 2014-06-16_Positively 4th Street

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