Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Who You Gonna Call?

The brake cable snapped during my bike ride home yesterday. This time I lost control of the front brakes. If the same thing didn't just happen a month ago (to the rear brakes), I probably would have slightly panicked and stopped to call my husband.

Fortunately I didn't have any serious downhills for the rest of my trip towards home. Still, not having the full use of both front and rear brakes is a safety issue. But instead of calling my husband to come pick me up, I just rode cautiously (slowing down way ahead of time) and at a pace where I knew I could stop in time.

What about people who do not have someone to call? Or what if I was far away from home on a personal bike tour? And so I was somewhat relieved to hear about this NPR article that More Cyclists Can Now Call AAA For Help.

There was a point where these people walking stepped onto the crosswalk at the last minute but luckily they waited until I passed. A person driving the other direction did stop and I couldn't help but think
the look on his face was of disapproval. He was probably thinking that I was another rude, law-breaking cyclist who didn't care about yielding to pedestrians. I should've let to the pedestrians know OUT LOUD that my brake levers had stopped working.
So I did not bike to work today. Instead I carpooled with John even though I had two other bikes I could have ridden; they're just not set up like this bike. I love my daily commuter!

On the bright side, my bike is in the shop getting a wash and detail so it will be shiny and like-new for a spin tomorrow!!

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