Friday, July 11, 2014

Bike in a Skirt Without Flashing Everyone

In the summer I love to bike in a skirt or dress. Hell, even in the winter I love to bike in a skirt or dress. Except I wear tights and boots so my bum doesn't freeze. But...yeah...there can be that little tiny concern with a skirt or dress flipping up in the breeze while pedaling along. So these women have a clever little trick for keeping that hem down!! (Thanks Linda for sharing!) No special clothing to purchase. No sewing. I LIKE THAT!!

I will give it a try on the way home since I rode my scooter today AND surprise--I happen to be wearing a dress!! Although my simplest solution of solutions is...

My 2013 Honda Metropolitan is my backup vehicle.

...I just wear really pretty underwear. Just in case the wind does catch my skirt expectantly.

Side story:
Yesterday on my way home, the front tire of my bike deflated at the bottom of the hill from our home. THAT was expected since it has had a slow leak for a while. So my husband changed out the tube this morning. I could have done it my self but eh, why when my husband does it so well and quickly! But when after I pumped the rear tire I discovered that the sidewall had a tear. And the tub was pushing through. It would inevitably burst and the last thing I want to do is be stranded on my way to work. So BOOOOO!!

1 comment:

Darcie said...

I loved that video too! Very funny. I don't commute, but I do bike a good deal! I mostly skip wearing anything extra under skirts too.

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