Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekend Report for July 11th - 13th

Our cat told me she was ready to go for another bike ride as she sat in the crate we made specifically for her. So I took her for a ride on the front rack of my bike. This time she was able to turn around as she pleased and seemed much more comfortable.

cat in custom wood crate
Our cat in the custom wood crate we built for her.
We didn't ride together very far. For one, with no safety cage to enclose her I didn't feel she was ready to venture farther than a few blocks from home. She needs more practice before we can compete with Momentum Magazine's #petsonbikes Instagram Contest. And two, with the sidewalls of rear tire on my bike thrashed I didn't want to risk being too far from home with an untethered cat who, at any moment, can decide she'd rather chase the rabbits and THEN have a flat tire to deal with.
cat on a bike ride
Our cat on a bike ride.
Saturday morning John went some 80+ mile group training ride by Lake Tahoe and Carson City. I, too, decided to get on my road bike. And then three and a half miles down the road he called to say his card was declined after trying to purchase coffee. I thought, surely we have more than $3 in our checking account, LOL!! He was also getting alert text messages from our bank. was a good excuse for me to head home [insert big grin]. Besides, traffic was starting to pick up and the morning temperature was starting to rise. I really didn't feel like being sticky and sweaty in the muggy heat that has been plaguing Reno-Sparks for the past couple of weeks.
Later that day, we went to dinner at the Blind Onion Pizza and Pub at Victorian Square in the heart of
downtown Sparks. There we met several folks we've never before met who belong to the Biggest Little City Swing Dance Club. You read that right -- John and I decided to take a beginner's dance lesson in West Coast Swing!!

Ready to dance!
The Monthly Dance is held on the second Saturday of the month, October being an exception, on the second floor of the Sparks Heritage Museum. The beginner's class (West Coast Swing 101) is from 7PM to 8PM is and is free, compliments of the U.S. Open Swing Finalist Jeffrey Munson.
Monthly Dance for the Biggest Little City Swing Dance Club
We focused on learning the four basic patterns with rotating partners. It takes at least 8 sessions of beginner lessons for most people. So you bet we need more practice before progressing to West Coast Swing 102! But it was SO MUCH FUN and John and I enjoyed ourselves. If you live in Reno, the free beginner West Coast Swing 101 classes are Mondays 6PM to 7PM at the Ballroom of Reno (2540 Sutro Street, Suite 1).
food trucks in downtown Sparks, NV
Food Truck Drive-In (Sparks, NV)
Outside food trucks lined Victorian Avenue. The streets of downtown Sparks were closed down. Picnic tables occupied the parking spaces to provide places for people to sit and eat.
food trucks in downtown Sparks, NV
Food trucks line Victorian Avenue
The Sparks Food Truck Drive-In is a relatively new thing in Sparks. It's a dinner and movie experience in Victorian Square the 2nd and 4th Saturday through summer from 5PM to 9PM where it ends with a free movie inside the renovated St. Mary's Amphitheater.
I definitely am keeping this event in mind for the next Cuter Commuter gathering. Usually it's a group of women (and all women are welcome whether they ride a bike or not) who meet at a different restaurant each month to socialize. This time I think we'll need men ambassadors...or manbassadors to ride in the back and help ensure the safety of the group ride. They can let the women know when there is an approaching motor vehicle, when the road is clear for left turns and so forth.
Picnic benches replaces car parking
This patio was completely empty. It belongs to B-Street and I am hoping it might be open for our group so we can have a dedicated place to meet and talk about our continuing women's bike initiatives.
B-Street Cafe Patio
Sunday we checked out O'Skis Pub & Grille (840 Victorian Avenue, Sparks, NV) as we have never dined there before. The O'Skis Famous Reuben and Dubliners Deluxe Grilled Cheese (chedder, provolone, ham, bacon, tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms served on toasted Ciabatta bread) were OH SO GOOD!
Grabbing lunch at O'Skis Pub & Grille
Fortunately John trains really hard and I ride my bike enough during the week so I didn't feel too guilty about eating really rich foods like pizza and grilled cheese with fries. But we don't eat like this all of the time. During the week we eat vegetarian with limited amounts of dairy.
We had no idea a year-round Christmas Corner existed in downtown Sparks!! I ride by there all of the time so I must check it out when they're open!

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