Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bicycle Race in Downtown Reno

The Mighty Tour de Nez Downtown Reno Criterium took place this past weekend. It is one of the biggest community event since 1997. I attended this year, as I have for the past two years to watch and support my husband and all of the other cyclists competing.

Because of pending road construction on a part of the original course, this year's course was changed slightly. It started on California Street and made a one mile loop past so many business establishments such as My Favorite Muffin, SoDo Restaurant, Granite Street Eatery, Blue Moon Pizza, and the Cheese Board. People who came to watch could also grab a bite to eat and drink something refreshing while cheering on the racers.

Bikes can be good for business!!

The streets of downtown Reno were closed. Not having any motor traffic pass through was kind of eerie. But at the same time, it was neat that I was able to ride my bike from street to street to watch the race from different points.

It is amazing how BIG the roads feel and how much space there is when the road is open to people walking and riding bicycles!!

My husband, John and the guy who ultimately won the race lapped the field. John finished in second place at this race and overall after the completing the other two stages this weekend.
The prize for 1st place was a newborn baby!

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