Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rain has gone away but humidity is here to stay

It rained for nearly two days. I rode my bike to work the first day and carpooled yesterday. The rain is gone but the humidity is here to stay.

Truckee River overlooking downtown Reno, NV
Truckee River
There's no way I could live where it is usually muggy. Because I (like to) wear the same clothes during my commute that I walk around at the office in, there's nothing worse than arriving with my skin all sticky and sweat running down my back.Yuck. Then my clothes are ruined before the work day has even started.
Girl on Bicycle
Happy to be back in the driver's seat!
On my way home I rode without my jacket. But since all I had underneath it was a camisole without a bra, it solicited a lot of (unwanted) attention. But I rather endure the discomfort of hoots and hollers than be even more uncomfortable and soaked in sweat.

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