Thursday, August 21, 2014


Earlier this week I met a friend for dinner to catch up on our lives. We sat outside on the patio of Midtown Eats. We drank beer and ate while we chatted.

The evenings are cooler now in Reno so it was nice a really nice ride home. It never gets really hot for very long. Not like Vegas where my husband and I used to live prior to moving to northern Nevada.
But no matter where you live in Nevada, the sky is usually a clear intense blue.

I had been feeling under the weather so I took a day off from the office. Not feeling much better but wanting to get back on my bike I rode to work today.
I was very tired so I pedaled at a slower-than-normal-for-me pace. Somewhere along the way this gentleman passed me by. He was heading to Verdi (a neighborhood on the far west side of Reno) for a joy ride.
I rode behind him for a while and then picked up my pace again once we were on the Truckee River Trail. Once on campus, an acquaintance spotted me riding. We stopped and talked bicycle stuff for a while.

Not feeling 100% I was REALLY tempted to ride my scooter instead of my bike today. But I am glad that I decided to bike to work. When we slow down to stop and smell the rose, you never know what will cross your path to make the day brighter!

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