Friday, August 29, 2014

Working Towards a Bicycle Friendly University

For the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with a team to produce some materials for the start of the semester at our campus, collectively called the Bicycle Friendly University Committee. This year our committee strives to obtain the silver-level designation in the Bicycle Friendly University (BFU℠) program. The League of American Bicyclists' program recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff and visitors.

Bicycling to Campus Brochure
Bicycling to Campus Brochure
One of the items is a folding weather-resistant brochure chock-full of information about bicycling to campus. On one side we have listed the perks (such as five free daily parking permits, free tire inflation stations, free spot bike repair, campus escort service for break downs and a Hertz-on-Demand car rental program), bike safety tips, and the Nevada state laws pertaining to cycling.

Click the images below for a larger version.
Bicycling to Campus Brochure Page 1
Bicycling to Campus Brochure Page 1
On the other side is a list of resources for bicycling clubs, bicycle shops within 5 miles of campus, advocacy groups and agencies. There's also a HUGE campus bicycle and walking map showing bike lanes, bike rack locations, tire inflation stations bike lockers and frequently traveled bicycle routes! And 20% off coupon to the Nevada Wolf Shop.
Bicycling to Campus Brochure Page 2
Bicycling to Campus Brochure Page2

The other thing we've been working on is a sling backpack with a safety message printed on the outside pocket. You can see my friend wear the backpack in this photo. The "3-Feet It's the Law" message is reflective and was designed to help increase awareness for NRS 484B.270. I call our state law "A Lane or 3-feet Law" which basically says motorists must move to the left lane if possible when passing a bicyclist. If there is not a left lane then they must pass with at least 3-feet clearance from the bicycle.
3-Feet It's the Law backpack
3-Feet It's the Law backpack funded by NDOT (

It was a collaborative (and volunteer) effort by faculty, staff and students and multiple departments across campus including Integrated Marketing, Parking & Transportation Services, Student Housing, School of Health Sciences, Information Technology, Human Resources and the UNR Campus Cycling Coalition. The Reno Bike Project V.I.S.T.A.s also joined the effort in the photo shoot for the brochure. They also attend each of our Bicycle Friendly University Meetings held once a month. We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and involvement in our committee. Just let me know in this post if you'd like to be involved our committee!!
Staff and students bicycling on campus
My involvement was posing for pictures ;-P
The brochure and map is being distributed to students at campus activities and events (as we speak) to promote bicycling to campus and bike safety! I am looking forward to seeing the backpacks being worn around our university and around town.

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