Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Week in Photos

The day is getting shorter and my shadow is getting longer. The bright side is that traffic approaching on cross streets will see my shadow pass by first!
shadow of a cyclist, bicycle commuter, shadow of bicycle commuter
No, I don't have big balls, the shadows are from my pannier bags!
With the dwindling daylight, I am always concerned about my visibility. So I picked up these cyclelogical spoke reflectors. They're these small, super-light cylindrical sticks with 3M coating that snap onto the bicycle spokes and reflect like lit up L.E.D. lights! Gear Junkie wrote a great review.
reflective spokes, cyclelogical spoke reflectors
cyclelogical chopspokes in action via
I had several bicycling advocacy meetings to attend. Three throughout the week. And here I am at the Reno Bike Project.
The shop is not far from where I work. That's the beauty of a bicycle is that it's easy to get out and about during the middle of the day. I just hop on my bike and go! No need to walk to the parking structure, drive there and back, then try to find parking in the structure and walk back to the office. With my bike I literally go from door to door!
Instead of carrying my panniers, I use an over-the-shoulder bag to carry my lock, flat tire kit and essentials so I can get on and off the bike quickly.

The morning air has been clear and on those days I ride in to work. So matter how many times I pass these old-timey motel signs, I can't help but look at them in awe.
But when the air quality has been rated unhealthy by the afternoon, John would pick me up from work.

When it is not smoky it is cloudy and now it has been raining for the past couple of days. Our summer season has been so dry, I know we need it but I can't help but yearn to go somewhere warm.

The Truckee River water level is still very low.
I never really noticed this monument before. "The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past but through us." --John Champion
Some days before I am home I stop to look at the view. Mother nature always paints us a beautiful picture!

Looking back down the hill I ride up.
In downtown Reno, Virginia Street is closed for a huge annual motorcycle rally called Street Vibrations.
On another day, while riding in to the office I ended up behind someone I know! She was also riding in to the office on a cute bike wearing slacks, a hot pink blouse with matching trouser straps to keep them from getting soiled with chain grease or caught in the chain rings.
Instead of carpooling I rode my scooter one day so that at least I wouldn't have to exert myself in the smoky air. I met a friend who was in town for lunch and after work I met our Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee group offline at Pigeon Head Brewery.
When Friday came, the smoke appeared to be gone. But there was certainly some dark clouds looming in the sky.
 But I don't care. As long as it is not pouring when I start my ride, I am getting on my bike darnit!!
And so I rode to work and spotted this rainbow while on Keitzke Lane near the DMV. Riding a bike means I can pull over and take a photo. Often times when we're driving, moments like these pass by way too fast for us to enjoy as long as we would have liked to.

Then I got on the Truckee River Trail. There's an interesting sign about the Truckee River. You might be able to read it if you click on the image for a larger size.
 It started to sprinkle during my ride. I don't mind. It is refreshing and keeps me cool which is nice.
For the most part, I like riding on the Truckee River Trail. It is quiet. Free from cars and free from exhaust fumes. The sound of the water rushing ... uh, trickling over the smooth rocks in the river is soothing.
On my way home, I decided to bypass getting off the trail at Fisherman's Park to Kietzke Lane and Victorian Avenue which is my usual route. Instead I continued along the Truckee River Trail.
 There was hardly a soul in sight. It felt like I was the only person in this town, LOL!
 I love this barn across the river.
So from about 1.25 mile to mile 10, I rode along paved bike/ped path towards home. It was SO nice!! Even though it was Friday and I wanted to get home, I am glad that I decided to keep riding on the trail for as long as I could. It was a nice end to my week!
Then John and I went out for Mexican food.
That being said, I am bummed that today is raining. The forecast is not looking good for the Women's Bike to Linner at Mayberry Landing is CANCELLED.

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