Friday, September 5, 2014

If Life Was a Living Daydream

When I daydream about bicycling, it is very much like what I experienced yesterday afternoon. The sun was low in the sky, giving way to a perfectly warm summer evening. The song "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins might as well have been playing. In fact, you can play it while you read :-)

In the south part of downtown Reno, people started to arrive on bicycles at the corner of the Sundance Books and Music store. There was a good range of ages, both male and female. A young man and his father who is a visiting scholar at our University. Two college students who didn't know anyone else. And even a Yorkshire Terrier who loves to go for rides on a bicycle!! Hey don't laugh...this doesn't happen every day in Reno (but we're trying to get there) so it is a big deal to me.

Sundance Books and Music
Sundance Books and Music
The founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works, Grant Peterson was also there. He recently authored a book called, "Just Ride". I had heard a few things about Mr. Peterson from reviews on the web of his book and during casual conversations. I heard that he is not shy about his opinions. And that he ruffles a lot of feathers in the cycling community and I started to think he was very "anti-spandex". But I have never met the man so I decided to attend the "Lug Nuts" fundraiser for the Reno Bike Project's (RBP) Major Taylor Program where Mr. Peterson was scheduled to speak so I could see what he's really like in-person. And also because I am on the RBPs Board of Directors so of course I wanted to support the fundraiser.
Those who showed up at 5 p.m. went on a group ride, myself included. We rode through the neighborhoods and chatted. I had the chance to meet folks I've only known through social media. And made new friends. We couldn't stop talking!! There just wasn't enough time to say all we wanted to say and share our passion for bicycling. I mean, it was the stuff that dreams were made of because I LOVE, LOVE casual group rides for the social aspect of it!!
I felt like there was a real and genuine COMMUNITY!! That I belonged. It's not that I feel like an outcast anywhere else but in THIS community, I feel like like I am not alone on my bike.

I think others felt this too. It wasn't a training ride. You didn't need a specific bike like a road bike. Any bike was just fine. You didn't need kit (jersey and shorts, also referred to as "spandex") or bike specific shoes which clipped into specific pedals. As you can see in these photos, each person rode what worked for them. And each person wore what was comfortable for them.
Mango Lime with Chile and Lime Seasoning
The ride looped back to the Sundance bookstore where the Still Rollin' food truck served eggrolls with a twist. And Bibo Coffee had gelato! You bet I was ALL OVER THAT!!

Reno Bike Project co-founder and Executive Director, Noah Silverman spoke to the attendees about the Major Taylor Ride Club. Something I support and believe in. If you agree and have room in your charity budget, please donate through the Reno Bike Project's website. Since the Reno Bike Project is a non-profit, the programs and events like these are possible through donations.

I really wanted to stay for the entire time to hear Grant Peterson speak. But since my husband was out of town, there were three hungry kitties waiting for me to get home.
Fortunately, I could read about what I missed through local blogger reports from the Reno Rambler "About Last Night" and Riding in Reno "An Evening with Grant Peterson". And although I haven't met the author of the book in person, it sounds like he is a humble and generous man (his company would donate $15 for every "Just Ride" book purchased from the Sundance bookstore yesterday evening). I am glad I got a signed copy (thanks A, you are a lifesaver!).

By the time I was close to home, it was dark. And if you've ever ran in the dark it is eerie and awesome at the same time. All is quiet and it feels like having the entire road to yourself. I was all smiles the entire way home, remembering the yesterday. The day my daydream came true!!

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