Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Do It .. Later.

If I listened to this little guy, I would never get on my bike and ride to work! Sometimes I do listen to him and that's why I continue to bike to work. And if you also ride your bike to work, you'd get the 16 Things Only People Who Ride a bike to Work Will Understand. Seriously funny. Except I don't do #7.

I ride my bike to work so I can procrastinate and have a snack instead. And so I can eat the WHOLE CAKE ...the whole goddamned thing. No. Not really.

That's why you should join to the Women's Bike to Linner this Sunday!! To eat pizza or calzones and drink without feeling not one bit GUILTY!!

Today, the little fat fucker wins. I hope you don't mind my use of profanity so I can make my point. I really do not have a potty mouth in person. My husband says it doesn't look right when I cuss. And so I wonder, what should it look like when people shoot off at the mouth?

Sorry back to my point.

I didn't ride my bike today. Because I have ridden more days than not in this smoky mess. It feels like sucking the tailpipe of a diesel truck. Although Riding in Reno says riding in unhealthy times shouldn't harm active people and I believe him. My throat, on the other hand curses the King Fire and the guy who started it.

Descending into a blanket of smoke.
I rode my scooter so at least I wouldn't be exerting myself in the smoky mess. Note to self: dress to accomodate for the wind chill. THAT, I did not do because I usually get warm a few minutes into my ride but not on my scooter. My teeth was chattering well into an hour after arriving at the office.

Just me and my scooter today!
And for the rest of the day, I'll try to ignore the little guy. Except maybe for the 'take a nap' part.


Johnny said...

I have been taking a load off and eating, well, the whole pan of browines for two weeks.

Unknown said...

I thought the little guy looked suspiciously like you! ;-)

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