Friday, October 24, 2014

30 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 5 minutes is DEFINITELY fall season out there! And for me, it means all of fun and colorful scarves come out.

I love neckwear and the many different ways I can style them. Below, you'll find 25 options to tie, knot and wrap them in a cool 4 1/2 minute video (no pun intended). And 5 more wears to wear them in photos.

I often wear my scarves these ways. Certain ties and knots stay put better than others to keep them from unraveling while pedaling on the bike (:eek:). You can also tuck the ends underneath your blazer and keep your neck warm during the ride.

How to tie a scarf in a boho tie

How to tie a scarf in a euro knot

How to tie a scarf in a pretzel knot

How to tie a scarf - the Uptight way

How to tie a scarf in a wrapped neck knot

Monday, October 20, 2014

Beating the Post-Travel Blues

My husband, John and I just returned from vacationing in The Keys. While in Key West we rode the bikes we rented EVERY DAY and went every where across the island! To Duval Street, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, the Southermost Point, Smathers Beach and even to the Key West International Airport to hop on a seaplane to Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas!!

Girl on bike in Key West
Bicycling in Key West
Bikes were everywhere and people on bikes were EVERYWHERE! Can you imagine? I was TRULY IN PARADISE!!
Bicycling in Key West, Bikes in Key West
In front of Kelly's Caribbean Bar Grill and Brewery in Key West.

I cannot wait to share more with you so please check back for the Cuter Commuter's Guide to a Bike-Friendly Vacation in Key West.

Bicycling in Key West
Bicycling in Key West
When we returned home I realized I had the post-travel blues. That's to be expected, right? But it wasn't because I was returning the office. We had a GREAT trip and I was happy to be home! I was eager to see our kitties and get back to work!

So why did I have the case of the doldrums? I realized that it was because the last part of our trip was spent in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL. But unlike in Key West, we did not ride bikes. Instead we drove from place to place on miles and miles of freeway and toll roads. And when I am off the bike, for even just ONE day, it makes me a very sad bicycle commuter. o_O Watch out!!

Fortunately, since we've been back in town our life once again started to revolve around bicycles. This past Friday evening, John's cycling team had a social gathering with food and drinks so the team can try on cycling kits. I met his teammates and it's always fun to chat with others about our shared interest in cycling.

Saturday was the Cuter Commuter Women's Bicycling Bar Crawl that I had organized on It didn't take long for that big goofy smile to return to my face after riding bikes all over town with girlfriends. Be sure to join us for the next one this Sunday, October 26th!

Then Sunday afternoon, we rode from home to my colleague's house for dinner. It was a wonderful evening filled with great company and the most amazing food!
Bike to Dinner
All I have to do is ride my bike to lift me up when I am down. How do you get out of the post-travel doldrums?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Conference Call in Real Life

I have to attend a conference call to attend this morning afternoon since it will be Eastern Standard Time. I hope it goes off without a hitch so I can get back to sipping mojitos on the beach! Well...more smoothly than in this video.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Women's Bicycling Meetup Group

I started a Women's Bicycling Group on to unite all women in Reno and Sparks who like to ride in the city. We ride whatever bike we want and wear whatever makes us feel comfortable. Our pace is determined by the group and we ride in town. I think it is good for our city to see every day women ride together.

Today was the maiden ride and the fall weather could not have been more perfect! We met at Java Jungle in downtown Reno and rode down Arlington Avenue.

I often feel like all I could talk about is bicycling and commuting and bikes and, and, and bike stuff!! Well, that and cats. So it was really nice to meetup and chat with other women who are just as passionate about casual city rides and who like cute bicycling apparel and accessories.
Others in the Meetup group had to work so we rolled out soon after 9AM.

Along the way we talked about anything that came to mind. And we got to know each other better.
I can't help the big smile on my face. Being on my bike and riding with friends in the gorgeous weather we are having has to be one of the best things!!

We rode Arlington Avenue to Plumas Street, cutting over on Urban Road. Plumas has bike lanes south of Plumb Lane to Lakeridge Drive.

We looped back on Lakeside Drive to Mount Rose Street to Holcomb Avenue.

Then we rode on the Truckee River Trail all the way to Greg Street and Sparks Boulevard. It was a long way for my friends who rode from Reno so it was time for them to turn back around.
I rode on the bike/ped path between the north and southbound lanes of Sparks Boulevard.

I had a BLAST and cannot wait until we ride together again!!
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