Friday, October 24, 2014

30 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 5 minutes is DEFINITELY fall season out there! And for me, it means all of fun and colorful scarves come out.

I love neckwear and the many different ways I can style them. Below, you'll find 25 options to tie, knot and wrap them in a cool 4 1/2 minute video (no pun intended). And 5 more wears to wear them in photos.

I often wear my scarves these ways. Certain ties and knots stay put better than others to keep them from unraveling while pedaling on the bike (:eek:). You can also tuck the ends underneath your blazer and keep your neck warm during the ride.

How to tie a scarf in a boho tie

How to tie a scarf in a euro knot

How to tie a scarf in a pretzel knot

How to tie a scarf - the Uptight way

How to tie a scarf in a wrapped neck knot

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Anonymous said...

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