Tuesday, November 4, 2014

RockiNoggins Blake Helmet Cover Review

These days, the autumn mornings have been downright chilly on my poor little ears! I used to keep 'em toasty during my bike commutes to work by wearing ear muffs but they fit terribly under a helmet. "Like trying to put socks on a rooster" as my father-in-law would say! It's also one more thing to carry and it takes up room in my bag on the way home when I don't need it. Alas, RockiNoggins came to my rescue! Designed in Seattle, WA, they not only offer helmet covers for women, but also for men and children.
RockiNoggins "Blake" Helmet Cover, Stylish Helmet Cover
RockiNoggins "Blake" Helmet Cover
Is it a hat or is it a helmet? Well, the tweed fabric atop my head looks like a hat, but it is actually a stylish helmet cover. This RockiNoggins "Blake" helmet cover also has some nice functional features built-in.
  1.  RockiNoggins' helmet covers are designed to fit most helmets so there is no need to buy a proprietary helmet for the cover. The covers should fit whatever helmet you already have. Covers are available in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large  in lightweight, heavyweight and water resistant materials. I'm wearing the small/medium size "Blake" Helmet Cover over a small size Giro Reverb helmet.
  1. Fleece-lined ear flaps unsnap at the top of the head and the straps snap under the chin to keep your ears warm! There are several points to secure them for adjustment. When the extra warmth is not needed, just snap the ear flaps back up at the top.

    I have used the ear flaps when it was 28 degrees in the mornings and they kept my ears protected from the wind chill while descending for a mile! So not only are the ear flaps cute but they're actually functional. They stayed snug to my ears instead of flopping around and letting the wind pass through.
  2. Light loop in the back to hang a rear taillight and help increase visibility through the dwindling daylight.
  1. Button snap to attach accessories such as a matching tweed bow with rhinestone-detail or a cute knit flower. In my opinion, this is a necessary functional feature, don't you agree?!? ;-)
The cover attaches to the helmet with removal Velcro strips which are included with each helmet cover. I was initially concerned with how secure the attachment system would be.

RockiNoggins stylish herringbone tweed "Blake" helmet cover
Stylish herringbone tweed "Blake" helmet cover by RockiNoggins
After flying downhill at over 35 m.p.h. and traveling over 20 miles during my commute, the cover stayed put! It did not rotate or lift and it will surely stay in place during future bicycle trips. As for ME, I can't say I won't fall apart after climbing the hill towards home.
Cuter Commuter wearing RockiNoggins Stylish Helmet Cover
My 'bikeyface' after coming up the mile long hill to our driveway.
I definitely recommend the RockiNoggins helmet cover for your chilly bicycle commutes. With a prices starting from $24.95 it is a great deal for my budget!

RockiNoggins Stylish Helmet Covers for Men, Women and Children
RockiNoggins Helmet Covers for men, women and children.
If you like this RockiNoggins "Blake" helmet cover,  you might also like their other selections of helmet covers to suit the seasons and your personality on the RockiNoggins website. Check out their video on YouTube!

Thank you RockiNoggins for making my commute more comfortable yet still stylish. With RockiNoggins on my head, there's no more ugly commutes!

Disclaimer: Helmet cover provided by RockiNoggins. Review is entirely from my findings and personal opinion.


liveyourlovoutloud said...

Fantastic! Ill be looking into these for cold weather rides...plus it will improve cuteness factor of my boring helmet.

Anonymous said...

Cute helmet! I have a Yakay helmet cover which is also very cute, but it doesn't protect my ears.

Unknown said...

@Heather: me too!
@Anonymous: I also have the Yakkay helmet covers that I mainly wear during the summer. The covers are cute, aren't they?!

Sandra said...

Stunning! This is truly astounding to me. Can hardly wait to get this for me. To think about sorts of protective cap to Continue Reading simply visit now. Thank you!

Oppa said...

Oh, wow! That is cool! I always thought that helmets look quite clumsy on your head, but with such a cover they look just like a normal baseball hat, a bit bigger though )

Robert said...

i've ridden some heavy, fast miles and never felt as if I were about to overheat. motorcycle helmets with speakers built in

Flip Up said...

Wow . Nice Sharing

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