Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Bike to Work Day 2015

Ask my husband and he'll tell you winter is not my favorite season. So it's no surprise when I woke up today and rolled down the street, I had NO IDEA today is Winter Bike to Work Day! Did you?! With so much going on lately I did not realize there was a national day for biking to work since I bike to work year round anyways.

Today was filled with birthdays of several special people in my life, Valentine's Day is tomorrow, the Pedal for Palentine's Day meetup I organized for tomorrow at a local coffee house, and the second Reno Bike Project Slow Roll for Major Taylor is on Monday and oh -- today is Friday the 13th which didn't occur to me until a co-worker reminded me. A black cat did not cross my path today. I would have greeted it because I love cats (and animals for that matter) but didn't see any except for our precious kitties at home.

So as I am writing you, safe and sound from the couch in our living room, I have to say it was another GREAT day!! In fact, I think it was a lucky day...although lately every day seems to be a lucky day! Because on my way home, I decided to stop at an Irish pub where my sweetheart met me for Happy Hour. Before he arrived, I chat with some very nice folks around me who were also dining outside on the patio in Victorian Square. People who drove there, walked there and rode their motorcycles there (with the cutest dog (miniature Dachshund?) named Oscar! on board).

And the weather was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Unusually warm for mid-February in Reno-Sparks, Nevada. I wore a Cuter Commuter Logo V-Neck T-shirt under a white button up shirt to the office today and on the way home I had to take off my blazer because the temperature was so warm!!

bright v-neck t-shirts for cute bicycle commuters
Make those ugly commutes cute with a Cuter Commuter log t-shirt!
We got the t-shirts in last night. I didn't expect them to go so fast!! I just love the bright turquoise and neon orange colors. They sure help to brighten up those ugly winter commutes! Show that you are a Cuter Commuter and let everyone know you support riding as a way of life with these super soft t-shirts. They feature a four-color Cuter Commuter logo screen printed on a combed cotton fabric. To order, just email your size (Small, Medium or Large) and mailing address to info at cutercommuter dot com and an invoice will be emailed to you. There is no shipping cost for local pickups and tax is included in the price of each t-shirt for $24.95. Although the t-shirts are true to size, they are considered "Junior sizes" and are meant to follow the silhouette so if you like your t-shirts to be looser fitting, order a size up.

Looping back to Winter Bike to Work Day, I think I've always been a year-round rider. Before moving to Reno-Sparks, I lived in a place where commuting by bicycle was a huge hurdle because there wasn't a route option that was low-risk enough for me. Not like I have now. So I still rode year round then. The difference was that I rode for recreation away from the city.

I love winter riding. I love the crisp cool air brushing my face while the sun's rays shine down on me. I love being able to wear my boots, tights, (sometimes) scarves, mittens and skirts or dresses because they are so...wintery! It's nice to wear layers and peel off to control my comfort. Soon enough summer will be here and the layers will be minimal to none. So I enjoy the cooler temperatures while I can. Pedaling keeps me warm. And being outside breathing fresh air, passing through neighborhoods keeps the winter blues away for me. If it weren't for my bike, I would absolutely hate winter. Like I did when I drove to work only to be stuck indoors looking through windows wishing I was outside when the sun would peek through the clouds. On my bike, winter is another riding season to give me variety and a change of scenery. If you don't ride through winter, I hope you have a chance to get outside this weekend!! You may just like it!

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