Hello, my name is Daly (pronounced like "Dolly") and I work at a university as a PeopleSoft Business Analyst. I am a wife, mother to three hairy children (cats), and a beef-jerky and pho connoisseur. I love to ride my bicycle everywhere I can possibly go--to run errands, to eat at restaurants, to meet friends for social activities and to work nearly every day from Sparks to Reno, NV. My commute is about 20 miles roundtrip. In a single month, I have logged 500 transport miles or 68 hours on my commuter bike.

When I was young I got an associate's degree in economics and a bachelor's degree in finance but after graduation, life took me in a different direction. Now I'm pursuing a master's program in information systems. Riding a bike was "something I decided to try" in my early 30s and I fell in love with it! For several years, I enjoyed road biking as a sport where I regularly rode 80+ miles a day on my own. Eventually I completed a 100-mile century ride to benefit multiple sclerosis. I surprised myself by completing the challenge in under 5 hours! I even dabbled in USA Cycling sanctioned road races and criteriums--but found that I enjoy taking photos from the sidelines much more.

After my family and I moved to Reno-Sparks, I shifted my passion to urban cycling and bicycling advocacy. Now, I ride my bike primarily for my health and for transportation.

Off the bike, I am a bicycle and pedestrian advocate. I serve on these boards, committees and groups in the state of Nevada:

I am not an expert in the topics discussed on this blog. I draw from my personal experiences and things I have learned along the way (and I am still learning). Through bicycling, I hope to engage and encourage others along the way to become bicyclists for life.


I started cycling in 2009, initially for leisure. Now I commute 20 miles round trip between Sparks and Reno, NV to and from work on two wheels: my Electra Ticino. On the weekends I ride my Felt road bike which I previously commuted with. I also run and although I learned how to swim, it is not one of my strengths. I have also raced competitively in USA Cycling sanctioned road races and criteriums--but I enjoy taking photos from the sidelines much more!

In 2007 I got my first bike, a Giant MTB but I rode it only a few times throughout the years of ownership and eventually sold it.
In 2008 I picked up an eZip scooter (which I still have) to get around campus in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun and easy to stow in the trunk of my car or in my office. Meanwhile, my husband got back into cycling after 21 years of being off the bike (he had raced competitively as a junior and eventually burnt out) but I had no interest in joining him. Instead I preferred to lounge on our boat on the lakes or poolside with a drink..or two.  Perhaps I enjoyed drinking too much until it nearly ruined my marriage.
Finally decided to give it a try in August of 2009 and we purchased a barely used bike from a family member.  How awkward it was for me to ride a road bike for the first time and on clipless pedals too.
My rides were for fun, mostly on the weekends.  8 miles turned to 15, 32, and 48 miles.
 I eventually learned to ride with no hands and rode on my own, sometimes 80 miles in a day.
I made friends locally through cycling clubs and met new friends through women's only rides that I still keep in touch with to this day. I always enjoyed riding with my husband, which we try to do often when he is not training. Cycling was an activity we both loved and it saved my marriage.

I had many happy journeys with my Trek bicycle but I had outgrown it.  Fortunately it found a home with a girlfriend of mine who I introduced to cycling and now she loves it!
In January of 2011, I thought I would try road bike racing competitively in USA Cycling sanctioned road races and criteriums with my new Felt Z5 road bike.
Racing was a lot of fun...and also stressful with two racers in the family.  I learned that I enjoyed watching the activities from the sidelines than being on the course, taking photographs, and supporting my husband who still races competitively as a Cat 2 (in men's amateur road racing).
By June of 2011, I completed my first century in a Bike MS in under 5 hours...and rode 78 more miles the following day.
However, commuting to work by bicycle was not an option because of the structure of the city we lived in. So when we had the opportunity to move to a more bike friendly town, my husband and I found our new home in Reno-Tahoe/Sparks, NV in late 2012.

We downsized from two vehicles to one car.  In June of 2013, I bought a project bike that I nicknamed the "JalapeƱo" for coffee runs.

I also bought a 2013 Honda Metropolitan Scooter to get to and from work to save the cost and hassle of parking on the campus where I work.
First day in the family
 I've since added a rear rack for carrying cargo and a windshield.

I started commuting on my road bike wearing my cycling kit and carrying a backpack on my back. Between my scooter and bicycles, I put more miles on them than I have driven each year since my family moved to Reno-Tahoe-Sparks.

Tired of having to change clothes upon arriving at work and carrying cargo on my back, I started to look for a commuter/touring bicycle which would allow me to carry things on my bike and wear pretty much what I like.

The 2013 Electra Ticino touring/commuting bike was my pick and no more ugly commuting. I am referring to the hassle and sweat because I did not have the most appropriate bicycle and gear for commuting. I have nothing against "spandex" (I still wear them on the weekends because they are functional and comfortable for long rides) or sporty bicycling commuter gear. I try to balance comfort, function, and style which is what I value.

Now I ride my Ticino to and from work, to run errands or grab coffee/pastries and my Felt road bike on the weekends.

Living in a college town and being around like minded individuals has increased my passion for cycling and bicycling advocacy. I hope to get more women into cycling and commuting to work in our town. I think there are many barriers (physical, social, and possibly psychological) and at the same time I know plenty of strong women bicycle racers and commuters in Reno. Still, I think Reno-Tahoe and Sparks has quite a ways to go as far as the bicycling infrastructure, culture, and acceptance. I hope by working with community groups such as the Reno Bike Project and the Nevada Bicycling Coalition that I can help to make a difference.

bicycle commuter wearing business attire
Biking to Work

This blog is my way of sharing my life of commuting by bicycle and cycling for fun. It is a way for me to share things I have learned along the way and I post in hopes of learning from others because there are so many things I don't yet know.

If you have any questions, feel free to post your comment in the blog posts or send me an email at info@cutercommuter.com. I am always happy to help others get into cycling or bicycle commuting - just give me a shout!
cute bicycle commuter
Me and my bike at the office

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Dolly said...

Daly, It looks like you have been up to so much since I last saw you. I discovered this blog on your facebook page. I'm so happy that you have found your peace on a bicycle. :)

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